Solarium: Infra-red (IR) & Ultraviolet (UV) Treatment

Horse solariums, as they are know as, use a combination of ultraviolet and infra-red light (IR), the ultraviolet (UV) light being particularly beneficial for stable-kept horses.

The therapeutic benefits of radiant heat and sunlight (or artificial sunlight provided by UV light) are well documented in authoritative books on equine injury and therapy. Heat, being a form of energy increases metabolic activity in the cells. This increased activity causes an increase in oxygen demand locally. As a result, capillary dilation occurs to increase the amount of blood that brings oxygen and nutrients to the area. Membrane diffusion and enzymatic activity also increase enabling oxygen consumption and waste removal.

Benefits of UV and/or IR:

• UV provides particularly for stable kept horses a source of artificial sunlight to boost general health, condition and well being
• IR the heat energy penetrates the skin into the underlying muscle tissue and helps stimulate blood circulation and cellular metabolism due to the warmth. This improves muscle elasticity in advance of intensive work, thereby reducing the risk of sustaining injury
• IR and UV enhance all therapeutic and biological effects. The benefits of UV radiation are intensified with the application of simultaneous IR heat
• Therapeutic results of these effects are a reduction in pain and muscle spasms, an increase in circulation, more mobile connective tissue and a general feeling of relaxation and well being
• Assists in the relief of pain after injury particularly back pain
• Improves general health, condition and well being of the horse

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