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Shiloh was bitten by a Puff Adder snake on a game farm in Koedoeskop in October 2006. When the game ranger noticed her swollen leg a vet by the name of Dr Louis Greef was immediately called out to inspect her leg. He said that she must have been bitten by a snake and treated her but he could not determine at that stage what type of snake had bitten her. A week later the bite on her back left leg caused an abscess and burst. We once again called in Dr Louis Greef who then said she had been bitten by a Puff Adder as it is only Puff Adders that causes an abscess in the infected area which then burst.

Shiloh was then taken to the veterinary hospital in Thabazimbi under the care of Dr Louis Greef from October 2006 to May 2007.

In may 2007 we collected her and brought her home to Johannesburg where she then went to Sunnypark Stables, as the leg was not healing up & Shilo had lost allot of weight due to her loss off appetite we decided to try hydrotherapy treatment that was recommended by Nicola Sime-Nel. We took her for treatment at Falconwood Equine Spa in Pretoria in October 2007. After only a few sessions we could start seeing the massive improvement in Shiloh’s overall well being.

The swelling had gone down immensely & the wound had visibly gotten smaller in a matter of weeks. On Shiloh’s return home her wound had closed up completely and after 2 months being home her leg is still perfect and we immediately started lunging her slowly. We are incredibly impress with hydrotherapy treatment & would recommend it to everyone.
Sandy van der Walt

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