School Pony: Lylie


In December 2012 my mare had a very bad injury on her bulb just under her Fetlock on her right hind leg due to a fence that she ran into. The cut was about 1cm deep and 5cm long. We discovered it early and had the vet come and stitch her up. I was told to keep her in a small area and indoor as the cut couldn’t get moisture otherwise it would get infected even more. I phoned Tanya around 2PM the Thursday afternoon and she said that I could bring Lylie the same day – We arrived at Falconwood around 5.30 PM and she was taken into her stable immediately.

She was kept in a small recovery paddock. Lylie received all her meds on time each day, her bandages was change everyday and the wound cleaned. Lylie is also a very old pony and we struggled with her weight and for the time that she was with Tanya her condition improved immensly. Lylie was healed within a month and she could come home.

Lylie is now very happy and is doing very good – There isn’t any scar at all and all hair also grew back in the right colour. I would recommend Tanya at Falconwood for any type of injuries and you can rest assure that your horse will be in the best possible hands.

Nadine Bennett

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