In the beginning of February 2015, Diego injured himself in his paddock by rolling and getting caught between the fencing poles and he became instantly lame. The vet diagnosed a ligament injury in the left front leg at first and he had numerous vet visits, treatment, and x-rays in the weeks that followed. After 3 months of constant lameness and over compensation, all his legs, as well as his back were taking immense strain and everything became inflamed, swollen and the back muscles had gone into spasm. It was very hard and very sad to see this special boy in such agony and we were at our wits end with vet treatments, as nothing seemed to be working.

On the 12th of May 2015 Diego was booked into Falconwood Equine Spa and we were warmly welcomed by Tanya, as she explained all her treatments to us and gave him a full body evaluation. Diego arrived at Falconwood as stiff as a board and still unsound. After 2 weeks of intense treatments (using the Solarium, Transeva, stretching and sports body massage) and 3 months of rehab at home, Diego is as good as new!! We are currently still busy with his rehab programme and are nearing the last month now, but since he came home he has been 100% sound and he has become incredibly supple and soft in his back and his movement is better now than what it has ever been. Diego received the best possible care while with Tanya and I would highly recommend Falconwood Equine Spa to anyone and everyone! We are extremely grateful to Tanya and her team for helping us when all hope seemed lost and for fixing my precious boy!!!

Natassha Kemp

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