Charles Le Maitre: Endurance Rider


I was introduced to Falconwood Equine Spa by a fellow Endurance Rider Ronèll Coetzer after my Novice Horse encountered a Tendon injury at an Onderstepoort ride on the 10thof February 2012.

We were warmly welcomed by Tanya at Falconwood Equine Spa after an Endurance ride on a Saturday evening at 20:00. 

She took the time to show us around her facilities and explained in detail the recovery process and what exactly it entailed. 

We have made use of her facilities on various occasions thereafter and  she’s always punctual, her facilities are hygienic and her staff are polite and well trained.Our horses have all recovered to their full competitive potential and are back on the Endurance track.  I would recommend her services to any Equine Sport Supporter. 

Charles Le Maitre   

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