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Recommendation of Falconwood Equine Spa

Bianca Steytler rides Scooby Doo and Burnside in the highest showjumping grades. They visit the Falconwood Equine Spa near Pretoria on a regular basis.

Towards the end of 2008 Burnside sustained a seemingly innocent cut on her left back fetlock in a jumping exercise, only a few weeks before the 2008 South African Championship. We were however concerned that the cut was located on the joint, so we promptly took her to the vet for precautionary treatment. However the wound did not want to heal, so we had to scratch Burnside from the South African championships.

Three months later the wound still showed no sign of improvement. In desperation, we decided to try the Spa and phoned Tanya to make an appointed for Burnside. Within two weeks of commencing treatment, one could hardly notice the wound. Within a further three weeks Burnside was back in the ring, competing at top level again.

After Burnside’s return from treatment, our farrier noticed a remarkable improvement in the condition of Burnside’s hoofs. Scooby Doo experienced similar feet problems, and we decided to enlist him for Spa treatment as well. The farrier was amazed in the changes in the growth of their feet.

Scooby Doo and Burnside are now regular visitors to the Spa to flush out their joints, draw out inflammation, stimulate circulation, etc. We can definitely recommend the Falconwood Equine Spa to take care of our top competition horses.

Bianca Steytler: SA Junior Champion 2009


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