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Why a hydrotherapy spa?

Why an ECB Spa?

ECB is the world leader in equine coldwater hydrotherapy manufacturing. With over 400 spas sold worldwide, the ECB spa provides users with the ultimate in safety, reliability and performance. The spa has been tested extensively by Professor Evan Hunt. It is also the only spa backed and used by Professor Evan Hunt. ECB Equine Spa is the only spa manufacturer to have fully sealed high impact Perspex “see through” doors. It was designed to make the horse feel less claustrophobic and more at ease in the spa, the high impact Perspex doors are fully strengthened to withhold any amount of pressure that a horse could possibly enforce. By having clear doors the handler’s job becomes easier when treating the horse and to observe the water level through the door. With over 40 spas sold into the Middle East, ECB’s chiller units have been tried and tested against the hottest and harshest conditions possible.

The ECB spa has a built in water tank. The spa is made from G.R.P. or "Glass Reinforced Polyester" it has a better strength to weight ratio than steel, is a natural insulating material and it won't warp, shrink or rust and is virtually maintenance free. It is also the only spa that can be either made to stand permanent at a treatment centre or made be made mobile by just draining the water and loading it onto a trailer. Transport it to the new destination, load it off, fill the tank, and add treatments salts and it is ready to do treatments.

Is this a viable business?

An ECB equine hydrotherapy spa can make a valuable contribution to an existing equine enterprise both for your own competitive horses as well as an additional revenue stream. Racing and livery yards, along with veterinary and equine rehabilitation clinics are a few equine establishments that have found hydrotherapy treatment to be a valuable source of additional income. However the spa can also be established as a stand alone business. The added benefit of the spa being mobile means revenue can be maximised by providing treatments wherever it is required.

Please contact us to discuss how an ECB spa can add to your business.

What are the costs involved?

The cost of the spa varies depending on exchange rates and customer needs.

Included with the spa:

- The ECB equine spa unit
- The ECB chiller unit
- Introduction door
- Manure collection harness (Nappy)
- Started pack of treatment salts
- Full training and continued backup from professor Evan Hunt, ECB Equine Spas and Falconwood Equine Spa
- 1 year warranty

Apart from the spa itself, other costs involved include shipping from the UK to site, installation of the spa and VAT.
Please contact us for a detailed, customised quote for your ECB Spa.

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