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Falconwood Equine Spa offers top facilities and care for your equines rehabilitation and recovery by providing the best healing regiment and treatments possible for each individual horse. Keeping South Africa’s equine athletes sound…

Falconwood Equine Spa was established in 2007. We are an independently owned equine rehabilitation centre that has state-of-the-art facilities for the assessment, rehabilitation and aftercare of injured horses or post operative care of your equine. We offer 24 hour supervision & vetrinarian support.

We have a dedicated and friendly team of professionals that offer careful supervision and care of each patient to aid in a speedy recovery.

In addition we offer routine treatments on a daily basis for the equine athlete pre and post competition in the form of hydrotherapy and physiotherapy. We also offer solarium treatments, laser & magnetic therapy and thermal imaging.

Owners are welcome to visit the centre on appointment.

We also established Falconwood Warmblood Stud and Boarding Centre in 2012.
We provide broodmare management programs suited to each individual mare.
Our foal management program is designed to meet every youngster’s individual needs so they are given the best opportunity to grow up to their full potential. Foal growth and nutritional needs are monitored closely.

Foals & broodmares are out in large grass paddocks during the day in small groups of similar age thereby allowing exercise and the important socialisation skills to take place with minimal risk of injury.

In 2011 Falconwood Equine Spa started importing and installing Equine Hydrotherapy Spas into South Africa. We are also the sole South African distributors for leading coldwater spa manufacturer, ECB Spas, based in the UK.

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