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The dimensions of the Spa are:

External Dimensions:

Height from floor: 166cm (65")

Width: 230cm (91")

Length: 255cm (100")

Internal Dimensions:

Height from floor to top: 153cm (60")

Width of chamber: 79cm (31")

length of chamber: 233cm (92")

Ramps required to ease entry and exit for horse: (if unit is not built to floor level)

To meet step height: 14cm (5.5")

Length of ramp: 212cm (91")

Width of ramp: 230cm (40")

Allow sufficient room to load and unload the horse from either end.

The running costs of the spa are very low with the main cost being staffing. For the horses initial few spa treatments a minimum of three people are required on the spa to ensure that the horse is reassured and controlled. On average it takes 1-2 spa treatments before the horses are accustomed, at this point it becomes a one man operation. Due to the superior workings of the ECB spa you are able to spa 3 horses per hour, which more than covers the cost of staffing.

The water in the spa is continually recycled and stored in an insulated tank which reduces running costs dramatically. The salt levels in the spa remain the same; you only need to add more salt when you change the water or when you top up. The water would normally last for about 1000 treatments depending on water management. The approximate cost of a complete change of salt is £40.00 Sterling ($60.00 us dollars) and the water treatment agents are cheap and readily available.

The spa runs on a standard 13amp supply, the Chiller runs on a 15amp supply which can be either single or three phase. The Chiller will have to work harder in hotter climates, however, due to the insulation in the tank the running cost are dramatically reduced.

Filters would on average be changed on an annual basis at a cost of about £180.00 ($300.00).

Professional facilities who have installed a spa have seen huge returns due to having had a reduction in problems with their horses and therefore have had more runners and winners. Clients like Jim Bolger would not be without his spa now and his comment "The best equine invention since the bridal" says it all.

The Centre for Natural Equine Therapy completed on average 6500 treatments per year at a unit cost of £25.00, which totals £162,500.00 PA, add this to the other income sources eg: livery/boarding fees and you can see the potential. Rehabilitation facilities who have installed a spa for a purely financial return to boost their annual turnover have also reported good returns.

Proven Results

The initial equine hydrotherapy research was done by Prof Evan Hunt at the University of Sydney, Orange. This showed dramatic healing responses from using the spa on a wide range of lower leg injuries. Since the initial work was done, thousands of horses have received equine spa hydrotherapy treatment, which means that there is a mass of clinical evidence that horses recover from injury quicker than would normally be expected. However, no two injuries are exactly the same and no two horses respond in exactly the same way which means that it has proved difficult to perform controlled studies. The evidence, however, is in the numbers. 

Service you can trust

We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of equine hydrotherapy spas worldwide. We have been involved in this industry from the very beginning with our "Centre for Natural Equine Therapy" being recognised as a centre of excellence for both training and treatment in cold salt hydrotherapy. Furthermore, we are the only manufacturer who have the official backing from Prof. Evan Hunt, who pioneered the research and rigorously tested the original Spa system in Australia.

Spa Benefits

• Robust build quality

• Easy to clean and maintain

• Rugged non-slip rubber flooring

• The only equine spa with a half door for introducing youngsters and new horses

• Simple push button operation

• Accurate thermostat control

• Fast hydrotherapy treatment

• Clear layout of controls

• Secure door locking mechanism

• Low running costs

• Compact design

• Insulated Tank

Track record

ECB Equine Spa has beeen involved in the industry right from the very beginning and has gained an immense wealth of experience and knowledge in treating horses using the Spa. ECB is the only company to have the complete backing and evaluation of Prof Evan Hunt, who carried out the initial and continued research on equine spa cold salt hydrotherapy. (testimonials from ECB Spa owners)

• The only Spa approved by Prof. Evan Hunt

• Years of industry experience

• Advice and Spa training

• Extensive facilities

• Customer support  

Secret of Spa Success

The ECB Spas achieve fast, long-term hydrotherapy treatment through a combination of various factors:

•Cold water - set between 2°C and 4°C (35 F & 39 F)

•Aeration - providing a massage element

•Salt - long established in general healing and acts as a poultice, drawing out fluid

•Variable depth option - for more accurate treatment

Clinical trials have shown that all of these factors together provide an unusually high level of oxygen in the water - this is thought to aid healing further. The ultra-cool temperature and ultra salinity of the water is crucial - together they improve the therapeutic qualities of either sea water or running fresh water in their natural states. 

No you do not need veterinary experience to run a rehabilitation yard or any qualification at present to use an equine spa, however, you will need vet advice on treatment time and rehabilitation programs. This combined with ECB and Professor Hunts backup can lead to a very successful business. 

With the rapid filling and emptying time of the ECB Spa (approx. 3 minutes filling / emptying time) and a suggested 10 minute treatment time, it is possible to spa 3 horses per hour.

The ECB Spa is capable of being used continuously, with the water temperature constantly being maintained at therapeutic levels.

This, along with its quality build, makes the ECB Spa virtually unbeatable in its speed and throughput volume.

...Why do we use Fibreglass?
Ean Branston, ECB Equine Founder and Director

"Myself and my wife, Sarah, have had much experience in the use of Equine Spas since we imported the first ones into Europe back in 2001 for our Centre for Natural Equine Therapy. I felt that the subsequent problems and daily headaches in the usage of those first Spas could, and should be ironed out. Hence the UK production of the ECB Equine Spa was begun with the continued and ardent support of Professor Evan Hunt.

Specifically, we chose to use fibreglass in ECB spa production as we felt it has the following benefits over less suitable materials...

Very easy to keep clean and keep immaculate
Does not retain rust causing metal residues from horses shoes
Will not rust from salt content of water

G.R.P. (Glass Reinforced Polyester) Equine Therapy Spas are quite simply the best Spas that you can buy. G.R.P. has a better strength to weight ratio than steel, is a natural insulating material, it won't warp, shrink or rust and is virtually maintenance free.

A modern composite laminate, G.R.P. is a versatile and well proven construction material that has been in use for over 50 years in a huge variety of applications, from boatbuilding, to motor vehicles, to building materials.

GRP is an inherently dent resistant laminate, able to withstand knocks and blows that would easily permanently deform and damage a steel or aluminium Spa.

Unlike steel, GRP door panels will not rust or corrode, and are particularly suitable for areas with high concentration of water, condensation and salt where steel Spas are severely tested and often have a disappointingly brief life.

Unlike other materials, GRP structures will not shrink, swell, warp or twist and do not require the regular attention needed to ensure a metal Spa retains its good looks.
When cured, each section of the Equine Spa is a single homogenous composite panel that includes galvanised steel stiffening for strength and solidity as an integral part of its structure.

One further significant feature of GRP is its' ease of repair. Should any area of your Equine Spa become scratched or damaged, GRP, more than any other material used in Equine Spa construction, is easily and effectivelyrestored leaving a repair that would pass the closest inspection.

GRP is probably the ultimate material from which to manufacture an Equine Therapy Spa.

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