hydrotherapy faq

The equine hydrotherapy spa can be used for common conditions found in horses from the hock down, includingtendonitis, ligament damage, wounds and cuts, sore shins, wind galls, bog spavins, laminitis, poor hoof growth, joint conditions, navicular syndrome and general soreness and stiffness.

Traditionally, horses were stood in cold running streams or walked in the sea as an aid to the treatment and prevention of leg problems.

Today, cold hosing is a common practice for cooling down horses after exercise.

Sea water in particular, with its high salt concentration, has an anti-inflammatory effect which facilitates healing and helps guard against injury.

Since you can't get to the ocean for a swim with your horse everyday, we are bringing the ocean to you. 

The equine hydrotherapy spa is designed for the treatment and prevention of leg injuries and is not used for exercise.

The equine hydrotherapy spa can be used during the acute stage of an injury (when exercise is not possible) as well as the later rehabilitation phase of recovery.

Also, the equine hydrotherapy spa is widely used both before and after competition or workouts to help tighten up the leg before the exercise or after, to reduce any swelling that might occur from the workout.

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The water in the equine hydrotherapy spa is too cold for swimming.

The equine hydrotherapy spa utilizes very cold water as part of the therapy and it is not possible to submerge major muscle groups in the water, due to the risk of hypothermia.

Therefore, it is used for the treatment of conditions from the hock down where there are no major muscle groups. 

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